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Hazelnut pistachios

Hazelnut pistachios are an example of pistachios that look similar to walnuts and hazelnuts

Ram head pistachios

Ram head pistachios is one of the most popular pistachios This type of pistachio has a big nut with a hazelnut appearance

Ahmed Aghaei pistachio

Ahmed Aghaei pistachio is another pistachio available in the market, Ahmed Aghaei pistachio has white skin color and red brain, which are two important factors of pistachio

Akbari pistachio

Akbari pistachio has a beautiful and elegant appearance. Akbari pistachio of Rafsanjan has become a luxurious and noble nut


Khanjari Damghan Pistachio

Khanjari Damghan Pistachio Damghan Khanjari Pistachio is very similar to Ahmed Agha Pistachio because of its long length and heavy kernel, it is mostly used for pistachio slices.

Shah Pasand Pistachio

Shah Pasand Pistachio is the most beautiful type of Damghan pistachio, Shah Pasand Pistachio, can be said to have the same status as Akbari

Badami pistachio

Badami pistachio is another type of pistachio that has an elongated and almond-shaped appearance and is more abundant in Khorasan than in other places in Iran.


 It is a hazelnut fruit from the hazelnut tree, it has a spherical or oval appearance, the  length is 15-25 mm and its diameter is 10-15 mm, which has a fibrous outer shell


Raisin is the dried ripe fruit of grapes, depending on the grape, the method and conditions of drying is different, it is sold under different names in the market, and like other dried fruits, it can be found all year round


Mamre almond

It is one of the most popular types of almonds, it has many properties and is of high quality. This type of almond is an Iranian almond and belongs to the category of tree almonds